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Selling Tips

Your home will sell quickly if it is priced right and in good condition.

First Impressions Count!


Homeowner's Checklist
  • Neatly trim lawn and shrubs
  • Paint the front door
  • Scrub, polish, and tidy-up as though you were expecting guests
  • Make beds and remove dirty dishes from sink
  • Interior walls should be free of smudges. If possible, give them a coat of neutral light-colored paint
  • Make sure appliances work
  • Straighten-up the garage and basement
  • Vacuum carpets. If needed have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Wash windows and open curtains. Turn lights on (75 watt bulbs). Lots of light!
  • Make sure closets are tidy
  • Add homey touches - flowers & wreathes on front door, for example
  • Take pets outside. Remove litter boxes, bowls, etc.


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